Warren Buffett’s Advice for Career Development

Warren Buffett’s Advice for Career Development

By Richard Capuro

Warren Buffett on successWarren Buffett has spent the majority of his life in the pursuit of excellence; not only in his business life, but in his personal life. Over the last couple of years Mr. Buffett has developed some interesting advice to the millennial generation that has served him well.

The Prime Objective

It may be interesting to note that Warren Buffett does not suggest that growing your own bank account and stock portfolio is the prime objective, but rather the pursuit of happiness in the career you choose. Number one on his list is to “seek the job that can give you the most satisfaction, and can bring out the passion for the work you will be doing.” Money should not be the driving force, but the joy of working with people who you care about.

The Importance of Role Models

Number two, is to find people you can look up to, and are better than you, so you can learn and grow. You should find a Mentor who can help your development, and it should be somebody you can look up to and feel confident in.

Position Yourself in a Good Environment

One of the ways to find your career path is to become involved with a growing business that recognizes your worth and will pay you for what you give back to the company.

Do not work for those who treat you unfairly, because you will not be happy and this could hurt your growth. Once you have found the company that offers the fast growth in the field you are passionate about, learn all you can about the industry you are in. If there was on guiding principle that Warren Buffett offers it is, ask questions and learn, learn, learn.


Picking the right job, in a position you are passionate about, with people that can help you grow, will serve you for the rest of your life, and one day you may be that mentor to others. Success is not as difficult as it may seem, when you follow the simple rules laid out by Mr. Buffett.


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