Travel Tips for Business and Pleasure

Travel Tips for Business and Pleasure

By Richard Capuro, September 12, 2016

Travel Tips for Business and PleasureIn today’s world of travel there are so many options available to make the business trip more pleasurable, as well as cost effective. For example: Before booking a flight, structure trips in advance to maximize time slots. While traveling in the U.S., the best time for booking a flight is about 40-50 days before the flight. During the summer months, when domestic travel is the greatest, you would want to book up to 3 months in advance for the cheapest airfare. Another approach is to look at booking two one-way flights, perhaps using two different airlines. Many airlines use the one-way fare as a marketing tool to make the trip look less expensive in the travelers mind.

Booking airfares is not the only way to save on travel. Consider joining loyalty programs offered by many of the best hotels, when choosing hotel accommodations. Many of the best hotels offer perks, such as free breakfast, with some having dinner offered as well. Don’t forget to ask if the hotel loyalty program includes building up points for later free days that you can use for vacations, or to just get away for a few days with the family or your significant other.

Many know of the frequent flyer programs that most airlines offer, but there is another perk that will come in handy when checking in with carry-on luggage. The TSA Pre-Check allows you to check-in without taking your shoes off, or taking your computer out of your bag, and allows you to go through a metal detector instead of a body scanner. Consider this option if you are a frequent user of air travel.

Finally, consider downloading apps for your smart phone such as Uber that will automatically charge the cost of the trip to your credit card and email your receipt. Triplet is another app that can be used to hold all your trip confirmations in one place, that you can access from any computer or smart phone.

If you haven’t already tried these suggestions, please let us know if they have been helpful. Enjoy the trip.