Are Millennials Important in the Current Presidential Election?

Are Millennials Important in the Current Presidential Election?

Richard Capuro, October 10, 2016

presidential-electionWith the Presidential election so close in many states, and so important for whether social programs and job opportunities move in a positive direction, a large voting group will be the determining factor in who and what direction the country takes in the next four years. So who is this group, and why are they so important?

The Millennials

The millennial generation is the largest group that the country has ever had. They consist of approximately 83 million people and are more diverse than previous generations. How they vote will more than likely determine who becomes President. Whether they have an impact on local and state elections is more probable. There are some statistics that claim that the male millennial is more conservative than their female counterparts. But that can be misleading if one were to believe this means they would vote Republican.

All millennials tend to be more interested in social issues and education, and support candidates that represent these same views. That may be why Bernie Sanders was so successful in his appeal to this important group. Free college tuition would me a great deal for those starting out in life, because many of the millennial generation do not believe that Social Security will be there for them. So having a debt-free education becomes extremely important. Millennial men do not trust the government to heed their concerns, like good paying jobs and healthcare which would mitigate the concern for the potential loss of Social Security in their future.

Who will vote?

Nearly all male Millennials are registered to vote, while only 83 percent of females are, and of those registered males fully 84 percent have indicated they will vote in the Presidential election, compared to 79 percent of females. Given that more male millennials are conservative does not mean they will vote Republican, but rather their votes will go to candidates that appeal to the social, health and economic views they hold, and that is what the candidates must figure out.

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