Are Millennials Better Business Travelers?

Are Millennials Better Business Travelers?

Richard Capuro – August 11, 2016

Best Bang for the Buck

Are Millennials better Business TravelersRecent research by the Boston Consulting Group found that Millennials, on average, spent about 13% more on airline travel than older non-business travelers. But does this mean that Millennials are spendthrifts when it comes to air travel? Not really. Millennials have shown that they are more aware of value deals on airfare, and will choose to travel during non-peak hours to get the best price and services, such as more leg room and travel points. Considering that Millennials are now the fastest growing segment of the air travel population, airlines are actively marketing to this important group.

Technology Equals Comfort

Because Millennials are so adept at using technology to find what they want, they seek the best price deals on hotel rooms, and often find rooms in quality settings for half of the normal pricing. This doesn’t mean that Millennials are living poorly on the company expense account, but it does mean that they will enjoy a better life style, which translates into a better experience for them, as well as their companies. A happy employee projects enthusiasm and better represents their company.

Bleisure Travel

What is it, and how does it make traveling a better experience? Millennials have shown that you can combine leisure and business, and companies have realized that this helps to produce a more loyal and productive employee who is also willing to travel more often. Millennials also tend to use their social networking skills to seek advice on the local areas they are traveling in, and also to meet with contemporaries through social media.

The answer to whether Millennials are better travelers than prior generations is always going to be in the eyes of each generation, but it is clear that Millennials have better skills using technology and their desire to make business travel a better experience is worth doing. This quality is a plus for companies looking to have a better informed and happy employee representing them.