How to get Paid to Travel the World

How to get Paid to Travel the World

By Richard Capuro, September 9, 2012

How to get Paid to Travel the WorldMost people put off international travel until retirement, when they have the time, can afford it and, hopefully, are healthy enough. But what do you do if you love to travel and still have to earn an income?

Travel as a Profession

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to combine work and travel? Yes, work will cut into your play time, but you are getting paid to travel globally, and your spare time will be spent exploring exotic, international locations. What would you be doing with your spare time if you worked in one location? Obvious professions include pilots, flight attendants and cruise-ship employment. Think of the multitude of services needed by cruise lines:

    child care
    deck hand
    food and beverage
    sports and fitness
    shore excursion

Teach Language

Teaching your native language overseas as a second language is a great way to get paid for doing what you already know how to do. Often times you can pick up part time work as a language tutor, or land a more permanent position, depending on your qualifications.

Become a Travel Writer

If you are a decent writer, getting paid to write about your travel experiences can be a dream come true. Writing a travel blog can earn you a living, but will generally take some time to build the traffic required to generate income from affiliate-marketing ads. You can try to get freelance or full-time work with magazines, although the competition can be fierce.

The Peace Corps

You can volunteer for an overseas position in the Peace Corps, which will pay your basic living expenses. Regions include Europe, Africa and Asia. In addition to the travel benefits, and humanitarian aid given, other future benefits can include paid positions with firms or agencies with interests in the location.

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