Characters You Will Meet in the Book

Characters You Will Meet in the BookMalee - A Tear in the Ocean - Characters you will meeti in the book


You can’t help but like Michael – an astute businessman, a man of principal, compassionate and an incurable romantic. Having just suffered through a collapsed marriage and the demise of his company due to criminal fraud by the Chairman, Michael is adrift. On a business venture to Thailand, he falls in love with Malee, a beautiful, impoverished Thai woman fifteen years his junior. Despite the cultural and language barriers, they are determined to keep their love strong.


Malee is trapped in a terrible factory job with no prospects for advancement and no prospects for finding a husband. A chance meeting with Michael changes everything. Malee has a gentleness, honesty and innocent candor that disarms Michael. Even her later untruths are truths by Thai cultural norms – a fact lost on Michael until it is almost too late to save their relationship.


An American expat well versed in the Thai sex trade and Michael’s best friend, Drake comes across as shallow and insensitive, a façade he has constructed to hide a genuine kindness and caring that he is loathe to admit. In repartees that scintillate throughout the story, he strives to disabuse Michael of his Thai cultural naiveté. Their interchange of barbs mutually thrown gives their friendship and the story a driving momentum.