Malee: A Tear in the Ocean

A Novel of Love,

Sex and Romance in Thailand

William V.M. McAllister, III

Malee - A Novel of Romance, Sex and Love in Thailand book cover

Spanning three continents, MALEE: A TEAR IN THE OCEAN is an international tale of romance that takes the reader on a journey from the heights of euphoria to the depths of loss. From Bangkok to the Grand Canyon, fated love is woven through intertwining cultures, wrenching the reader from passion to anguish and back again. MALEE: A TEAR IN THE OCEAN will capture your heart.

“Michael had no idea that when he flew into Bangkok to launch a new company he would meet the woman of his dreams. Working on million dollar negotiations during the day and spending the warm tropical nights accompanying his libidinous partner through the hotspots of the city, Michael started to feel a shift from the pain of his broken marriage to the exhilaration of South East Asia and its exotic possibility. He yielded to Thailand’s intoxicating pull.

Malee, a beautiful young factory worker, had scrimped to be able to celebrate her sister’s birthday on the unspoiled island of Koh Samui. When Michael walked into O’Neills’ Bar, Malee’s sister beckoned her over to Michael’s table. Their eyes met, and fate played its hand. An innocent brush of their legs reignited Michael’s vitality and awoke in Malee an undeniable attraction to this beguiling foreigner. A flirtation began. During a later walk on the beach a romance started to blossom that quickly bloomed into a passionate love affair that would forever change their lives. Inseparable, Michael and Malee spent their days together exploring the riches of Thailand and in the in the evening experiencing the magnitude of one another’s desires. All seemed idyllic until Michael had to fly back to the United States, and the extended separation, the first of several to come, challenged their love.. and it all began to crumble…”

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